Ralph ‘Soul’ Jackon’s soul wrenching wails surrounded by intoxicating beats will make you wish you were back in the 1960s.  He makes you ride his songs on a river of his creation.

Ralph ‘Soul’ Jackson, a charismatic soul musician from Phoenix City, Alabama, is in the process of recording his first studio album in decades.  Ralph’s personality is raw, brutally honest, charming and passionate. This documentary follows a sixty-four year old lifelong musician Ralph and his manager John Ciba, a thirty-one year old soul music aficionado from Chicago, as they navigate friendship, artistic intent and the changing record industry.  Along with covering Ralph’s story, the film also focuses on John and his record label, Rabbit Factory Records, which releases albums of soul artists from the past and present.

This documentary captures the creative process of recording an album and the challenges that come with it.  John Ciba’s knowledge of Birmingham soul music and civil rights history adds a rich context to Ralph and the soul music they both love.  All this circles around multiple musicians recording, rehearsing and performing with Ralph.

2 Responses to “About the project”

  1. red kelly said

    Hey Eryn –

    This sounds like a wonderful project you have here. Mister Jackson is as great a singer as he is a showman, and is an even better human being. He is truly ‘the real deal’. John Ciba, in addition to being a great friend, possesses an innate understanding of the nature of Soul, and it shows.

    It’s just awesome that someone like yourself has taken such an interest in the work they are doing together. Go For It!


  2. Jorge Galvan said

    Hi Eryn! how are ya doing, sorry I haven’t dropped you a line sooner, been busy with work. Haven’t shot any more footage and probably won’t do so until May? I am off to the Nalip-Newnow conference in 2 weeks. Other than that, the site looks great and I think you doc is gonna kick arse!!! 😀 Hope all is well!


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